Ar Estudio We are part of the creation

We are part of the creation – ar estudio Design Studio office created by Nicolás García Mayor Somos parte de la Creación – ar estudio Estudio de Diseño Fundado por Nicolás García Mayor Innovation pour l’aide humanitaire  

Nicolas Garcia Mayor TEDx Diagonal73 talk

Innovation for humanitarian aid TEDxDiagonal73 “Alternative Paths” is an organized event in La Plata voluntarily by a team of young people who believe in the value of transmitting inspiring ideas to the rest of our community.

“Citizen Recognition” from the Council of Bahia Blanca

The City Council honored Nicolás García Mayor with “Citizen Recognition”, by the merits achieved in the humanitarian field. Mayor Garcia, born in Bahia Blanca in 1978, where he earned his degree in Computer Technical; then moved to the city of La Plata and developed his undergraduate degree in Industrial Design at the University of that city. […]

WORLD TOYP Nicolas Garcia Mayor

One of the Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World

After 25 years, we have once again an Argentine winner worldwide TOYP The Argentine Industrial Designer Nicolás García Mayor is one of 10 outstanding young people of the world for his contribution to children to world peace and human rights. We thank those who supported this dream with their vote and invite you to share […]

flyer TOYP 2014 nico 2b_web


It’s great news that Nicolás García Mayor is one of the 20 finalists and the only representative of Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world for the World TOYP (Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World) for his Contribution to children, world peace and Human Rights . Your contribution is dedicated to helping to 51.2 million refugees […]

DIHAD ar-04

ar estudio presenting Cmax System in DIHAD in Dubai

Ar estudio presents Cmax System at DIHAD 2014 (Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference and Exhibition) as part of the argentine stand in Dubai, march 25 to 27.

Argentina en Dubai

Housing the Displaced

Article by James Pero, published in the Mechanical Engineering magazine, January 2014. It isn’t often that a grad school project can land you a visit with the Pope. But anyone who’d like to try may want to talk to Nicolás García Mayor. In 2001, at the age of 21, he developed the Cmax System as a […]

Reconocimiento Marca País Argentina

Ar estudio receives the Argentina Country Brand Recognition

In the Hall of the Palace Libertador San Martín , in a ceremony presided over by Chancellor Héctor Timerman, accompanied by the Director of the Secretariat for Coordinating Dr. Alejandro Gabriel Schiavi . Secretary of Economic Relations , emb. Carlos Bianco, the Secretary for Development Investment emb. Adrian Nador and Héctor Méndez UIA President and […]

la foto 11ar

One of The Outstanding Young Persons of Argentina

TEN YOUNG PEOPLE WERE HONORED AT THE JCI AWARDS ARGENTINA TOYP 2013 Read full article The Argentina Chamber of Comerciojunto the Junior Chamber International (JCI ) presented the awards TOYP 2013 (The Outstanding Young Persons ), an international program that annually recognizes ten young Argentines who stand out both for their achievements and for its […]

cmax tapa la nueva provincia

The man who invented a space to save lives

PRESENTED IN THE UNITED NATIONS TO DESIGN THE CARRIER EMERGENCY Maximiliano Palou, ” La Nueva Provincia ” Read full article “This is a solution to show the world .” The words of Rosa Malango were Nicolás García Mayor, creator of CMAX . The head of External Relations and Partnerships Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian […]

Portada catalogo

A home for refugees

The history of Argentine designer who developed the emergency habitats to be used in the future. By Sergio Elguezábal, SeleccionesRead full article Currently, there are fifty million people in the world who are homeless due to natural disasters or other events caused by human intervention. In the region , thousands of people are forced to […]

Nicolás García Mayor with Pope Francisco

The Pope blessed the Cmax System

Francisco received the industrial designer Nicolas Garcia Mayor. By Diego Yañez Martínez,  La Nación. Read full article ” My heart was going to explode me” . With those words Nicolás García Mayor La Nacion described his excitement after being received by Pope Francisco. The mobile shelter to shelter victims of natural disasters with which stunned the […]

Cmax System in TELEFE NEWS

Industrial Designer Nicolás García Mayor presenting Cmax System in Telefe News – Baires Directo Telefe Noticias

Nicolás García Mayor in TN Ecologia

The Industrial designer Nicolas Garcia Mayor was in the program TN  Ecology Driven by journalist Sergio Elguezábal Presenting SYSTEM the CMAX

Latin American Design – University of Palermo

Conference of Nicolas Garcia Mayor  at the University of Palermo / Industrial design as a tool for development. A tour of all the tools you have the discipline to help and contribute to building a more just world for all. Orienting professional actions to the development of products that improve the quality of life of human […]


Ergon Bottle Opener

Cuando se conjugan la curvan armoniosas organizadas en volúmenes ergonómicos nace ergon, una pieza refinada de diseño que destella con sus brillos de metal en las mejores mesas destapando felicidad y emociones que llegan al alma.


Cmax System Partnership with UN

Cmax System  Partnership with United Nations

Cmax System shelter after disaster

Cmax is an emergency shelter system that provides immediate housing for refugees. It is created to dignify and improve the quality of life of people made homeless by natural disasters, war, and others.

Nicolas garcia mayor en la ONU

An Argentine UN surprised a mobile shelter for natural disasters

Diario La Nación Abre los ojos. No puede creer lo que ve en la pantalla. La emoción lo invade. Un correo electrónico, el emisor: la Organización de las Naciones Unidas (ONU). Le piden que exponga su proyecto ante la Asamblea General del organismo, el próximo 18 de septiembre. Pasaron doce años desde que desarrolló el habitáculo […]

Trailer of video Cmax System Partnership with UN

Trailer of video Cmax System – made by Nicolás García Mayor  – ar estudio


New ideas for a new design / Colombia

Industrial design as a tool of solidarity Industrial design is a very powerful tool when it is focused on helping others. Good use of the profession can solve major problems in the world today are raised and strongly contributes to building a responsible and balanced industry that serves the human being and is friendly to […]

Radio Mitre Interview

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ar-estudio habitaculo

Shelter after disaster

Thesis project that developed the Industrial Designer Nicolas Garcia Mayor at the University of La Plata. Through this project is to improve the living conditions of people affected, providing a suitable place to live. Where they are protected from adverse weather conditions, giving a quick and effective response to the needs of the population in […]

search designer creativo

We Seek Creative Designers

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nota-ar-estudio design argentina

Finance and Business / design for the world

Newspaper  La Nueva Provincia 14  January Design for the world Nicolás Garcia Mayor prefers to be called professional entrepreneur. Is this Industrial Designer, graduated from the National University of La Plata with postgraduate courses abroad, breaks the mold characterizes many of the businessmen of our country, who accustomed national economy (and forced) to think […]

brindis fin 2012 ar estudio

End of 2012

A new year full of energy and excitement ahead. That’s why we celebrate and provide  equipment and customers. Thank you very much to all of heart and wish you a great 2013!!

ar estudio- nicolas garcia mayor 1

ar obtained recognition for innovation, quality and technological development.

On 20 December 2012 the Secretariat for Science and Technology, Ministry of Production gave special recognition to the company ar study with 13 SMEs Bonaerenses for innovation in production processes, product quality and technological modernization. ar is a joint study industrial design and new product development where their projects always aim to promote innovation and […]

Programa-Jornadas-6-de-DIC ar estudio

Conference on Trade and Logistics

ar estudio sponsors of Conference on Trade and Logistics

1 Karim Rashid nicolas garcia mayor

How design changes reality

Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation. With over 3,000 designs in production and more than 300 awards, his work in over 35 countries attest to design legend Karim. Their diversity gives you the ability to achieve cross-pollination of ideas, materials, behaviors, aesthetics from one typology and the next, crossing […]


We will be at the 3rd International Meeting of Interior design

Metropolitan Design Center, the Ministry of Economic Development seeks to foster the development of design and offer a cultural and creative. It is a public entity of the City recognized throughout Latin America by promoting the incorporation of design companies to Buenos Aires. Therefore we understood that is the ideal place to develop there give […]


Vote for us in the gallery Innovar


Conference on Palermo University

how to materialize the ideas?

09.27.12 LNP- ar estudio Puesto de informes

Point Information Tourism in National Innovation Brochure

Curious luck for the shelter that acts as the tourist information point in the pedestrian Drago, a few meters from Colon Avenue.       Located at the site in February 2010 – within a municipal policy of promoting local attractions – in April this year mentioned the possibility of removing it from their site, “for lack […]

ar estudio universidad del sur

Conference on South University

A total hit: more than 400 people attended to the Congress of Leaders on Saturday. There were also local entrepreneurs: Ar estudio, industrial designer Nicolás García Mayor; Zapatillas Siete Ases, with Hernán Cabrera y Carlos Llorens; Adriana Val Womens House Corporation, and the famous Social Communicator Samuel Stamateas.

lideres ar estudio


On August 25, 2012 at 17.30 Hrs in the Auditorium of the Universidad Nacional del Sur called “Congressional leaders and entrepreneurs Bahienses” that will, among others, with the presence of the speaker and Samuel Stamateas motivator. The organization is in charge of the “Fresh Start Foundation Bahia Blanca” and oriented Bahienses businessmen and entrepreneurs. The […]

ar estudio ushuaia

Meeting with representatives of Ushuaia

The provincial government through the Ministry of Industry and Productive Innovation, participated in the VII Latin American Meeting of Design, organized by the Faculty of Design and Communication at the University of Palermo, and conducted between 31 July and 3 August in the city of Buenos Aires. Each year, the event gathers students, professionals and […]

Nicolas garcia mayor-jornadas

International Trade Conference

18:00 Accreditation 18:20 Presentation President CRECEBB – Damian Limanski. President UIBB – Gustavo Damiani. President CGPBB – Hugo Borelli. Export Foundation / / Monica Nandin. 18:50 Enterprise Integration for the bi-oceanic corridors / / Partal Ricardo Silva. 19:10 Experiences with China Import / / Ariel Rodriguez. 19:25 Trade Mission to China / / Alberto Recchi. 19:45 […]

ar estudio presented at the Sheraton Mar del Plata

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nicolas garcia mayor Polígono industrial

The design and technology make the difference of a product

 The design and technology make the difference of a product Each of us is related to design thousands of objects per day, from websites, apparel, furniture, vehicles. The design is part of human development, in which man has evolved to meet your needs. The birth of the industry, means a new application area for the […]

ar // Who are we and What we do?

Who are we and what we do? Different works in industrial design, graphics design, architecture, stands, and others.

conferencia de Nicolas Garcia Mayor el la Universidad de Palermo

We were selected again as lecturer by the University of Palermo

Thanks University of Palermo for choosing us again as a lecturer in Latin American Meeting of Design!


Relationship with Tierra del fuego

Nos reunimos con el Subsecretario de Eficiencia Productiva y Gestión, Leonardo Schmidt en la Unión Industrial de Bahía Blanca. Fuente pagina del ministerio de industria e innovación productiva >                                                        […]

ar in FM Aqua 105.9mhz

Anecdote of the journey of Nicolas Garcia Mayor in China

Were in Mardel Directo

We were on Channel 8 Mar del Plata Speaking of Ecological Design

Were talking about design in Inversiones del sur TV

Nicolás García Mayor, tells us what is industrial design, the importance and functionality of design in the city and in communicating it.

ar estudio arriba del lanin

Begin the new year well above

To start the year with all the strength we climb the highest volcano in southern Argentina and made the summit at 3776 meters above sea.

alianza de ar estudio en beijing

We made a strategic alliance

We made a strategic alliance to provide our services in China / Beijing with Culture & Media Zhongchen (Beijing ) Co. , Ltd.


Exhibit in Sheraton Mar del Plata

Por segundo año consecutivo se llevó a cabo la exposición de arquitectura, diseño y decoración de Mar del Plata. Expohogar tuvo su primer edición en 2011; en aquella oportunidad, este proyecto innovador que se desarrolló en la ciudad de Mar del Plata contó con un excelente balance y una enorme concurrencia de público. El éxito […]


We in the Ministry of Economy of the Nation

We in the Ministry of Economy of the Nation before leaving in the first Trade Mission to China Young Entrepreneurs. sepyme


ar attended the Science Fair, Design and Technology

Within the Fair show all the work of industrial design and development of new products that ar was generating for the City of Bahia Blanca. For the Municipal Government, Port of Bahia Blanca and other institutions linked to the city.


De Bahía Blanca a Cannes / Clarin

On November 2010 we have been invited and selected from 15 studies in the world for Industrial Design Summit 2010 in CANNES – FRANCE, allowing us to work closer links with 70 leading corporations, being the only representatives of Argentina and with the only Brazilian Study of Latin America, bringing the possibility that companies like […]

panel charla ar estudio

Special series of talks

Special series of talks at the University of La Plata in College of Fine Arts.

ar design new identyti

Develop and apply the new image of Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi Motors inaugurated a new restaurant with a new image

Integrative Oncology Group

The group emerged Dicienbre 23, 2009, to which different professionals can collaborate to monitor, contain and provide a better quality of life for patients with cancer and their families. In October 2010 took place the 2nd conference of integrative oncology, and in April this year we invite the ra. Estella Maris Maruso. Thanks to the […]

Today everything is design and does almost nothing to be.

This is the content of a note they did to Nicholas Garcia Mayor, industrial designer and director for the Newspaper ar penthouse studio in April of 2010 in the section of general interest, and then share it with you: Today everything is design and does almost nothing to be. Are designed cars, tools, work spaces, […]

ar estudio eco design


“Sustainability” is now in vogue in the world of design. The “green” market is experiencing rapid growth and ecological design “ecodesign” helps companies to stand out from the competition. Sensitized by environmental problems focus gantry design FISA rescuing Green waste materials and thinking about the life cycle of the products used for construction. Its purpose […]

Industrial Design Summit in Cannes

The Industrial Design Summit brings together the most senior product development and design executives from Europe’s leading consumer product manufacturers responsible for computer aided design, design research & development, ergonomics & human factors research, rapid prototyping and sustainable design essential for success. marcus evans Summits offer attendees the opportunity to meet and network with senior […]


We selected 15 Industrial Designers from around the world

We selected 15 Industrial Designers from around the world to collaborate on projects for multinational companies WE ARE VERY HAPPY TO BE ar gentines.

Conference Industrial design in CONICET

Conference in CONICET

The Department of Science and Technology and Linkage of CONICET UAT Bahía Blanca invites CREACTIVIDADES conference, new product development, in which Nicolas Garcia Mayor will speak about the phases that give rise to a product, from idea to the public innovative products and focus for domestic and international markets. It will be held on Thursday […]

nicolas garcia mayor ar estudio

Industrial design as a tool of solidarity

THE C-MAX WAS RECOGNIZED Industrial design as a tool of solidarity Nicolas Garcia Mayor keeps among his best achievements have developed an original cabin for water emergencies. Embodies the human side of the profession. The design intended to improve the lives of people is the label that Nicolas Garcia Mayor, industrial designer from Bahia Blanca, […]


The added value of Creativity.

The added value of Creativity. The company led by Nicolas Garcia  Mayor offers  service of industrial design (product development), Visual Communication Design and Audiosvisual (image communications, graphic design) and Event business. How did the business? In fact when I start to study emerged in 1998 in La Plata. I wanted to study graphic design and […]


Conference at the University of La Plata

Creactividades Conference at the University of La Plata